Frequently Asked Questions - Program & Enrollment

FAQ - Benefits at Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Q. What is happening to the RBC Rewards® Dining Program?
A. The RBC Rewards Dining Program will come to an end as of December 31, 2011. Any qualified dines until this date will earn RBC Rewards points per your membership level. Dines that occur on January 1, 2012 or later will not earn reward points from Rewards Network for RBC Royal Bank.

Q. What will happen to my membership?
A. RBC Rewards Dining memberships will be canceled when the program terminates after December 31, 2011. Until that time, members can continue to earn RBC Rewards points for dining at program locations.

Q. If I dine on December 31, 2011, will I still receive my points?
A. Yes. Transactions that take place until the end date of the program - December 31, 2011 - will be transferred to RBC Royal Bank for posting to your RBC Rewards account via the normal process. Points should be deposited within four to six weeks of your dine date.

Q. Until the program ends, will I receive any communications from the RBC Rewards Dining Program regarding my membership?
A. Yes. Members will receive bi-weekly marketing information and maintenance emails, including dining confirmation emails, until the program ends.

Q. Whom should I contact for assistance after December 31, 2011?
A. When the program terminates after December 31, 2011, Rewards Network will continue to handle any RBC Rewards Dining Program inquiries via the former RBC Rewards Dining number: 1 (866) 901-3463 (9 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, Monday − Friday). Questions about the RBC Rewards program should be directed to RBC Royal Bank customer service at 1 (800) 769-2512.

Q. Can I continue to earn RBC Rewards points after December 31?
A. No. Your RBC Rewards Dining account will be closed, and you will no longer be able to earn RBC Rewards points through the dining program.

Q. Can I enroll in another dining program?
A. There are currently no dining programs available through Rewards Network that will be available in Canada or anywhere outside the United States.

Q. What is the RBC Rewards Dining Program?
A. Royal Bank of Canada has teamed up with Rewards NetworkSM Canada LP to provide eligible RBC Royal Bank credit cardholders with an opportunity to earn up to 3 additional RBC Rewards points for every dollar spent. Through the RBC Rewards Dining Program, you can earn these points when you dine at a growing roster of restaurants participating in the program throughout Canada. In addition, cardholders earning points are also eligible to earn points at thousands of participating locations in the United States. These points are in addition to the standard RBC Rewards points you already earn when you use your eligible RBC Royal Bank credit card to pay the bill.

Q. What can I do with the RBC Rewards points I earn by dining with the RBC Rewards Dining Program?
A. You can redeem these points for any of the rewards the RBC Rewards program offers. For more information, visit

Q. How do I enroll?
A. Enrollment is no longer available for this program.

Q. Why do I have to register my RBC Royal Bank® credit card with the RBC Rewards Dining Program?
A. Our goal with the RBC Rewards Dining Program is to provide members with a program that is discreet and easy to use. We have special credit card processing technology that tracks the use of credit cards registered with us when they're used at participating restaurants, bars and clubs. This allows us to credit your designated account with the points you earn. This way, there are no ID cards to present or coupons to clip. Nobody needs to know you're earning points. If you have further questions about registering credit cards, you can review our Privacy Policy here.

Q. How do I register additional credit cards?
A. You can add or change credit cards and update any of your other personal membership information by visiting your Account Center, which is located on the website. You can register a total of five credit cards.

Q. Do I need to let the restaurant know I'm a member of the RBC Rewards Dining Program?
A. No. the RBC Rewards Dining Program is a completely discreet way to earn additional points. There are no additional cards to present, no special coupons to redeem−you don't even have to remember your membership number!

Q. Is a secure Web site?
A. Yes. When you register your RBC Royal Bank credit card, you are accessing our secure server. This secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. Additionally, we use state of the art security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the customer data we collect.

Q. The search function does not seem to be working. Does the site require a special browser or plug–in?
A. Our website uses JavaScript software to quickly display search results. JavaScript is designed to work with the most current web browsers. You may have configured your browser, anti-popup or anti-virus software to block JavaScript. Consult the help section of your web browser for instruction on how to enable JavaScript.

Q. How do I access the RBC Rewards Dining Program Web site to monitor my points and view the most up-to-date listings of participating restaurants?
A. Just log in with your RBC Rewards Dining login ID and password to access the website. All your past dining transactions can be viewed in your Account Center.

Q. How do the sharing settings work?
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