Frequently Asked Questions - Benefits at Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

FAQ - Program & Enrollment

Q. How many restaurants, bars and clubs participate in the RBC Rewards Dining Program?
A. Thousands of restaurants, bars and clubs located throughout Canada and the U.S. participate in the RBC Rewards Dining Program, and we're constantly adding new locations. That's why it's important to log in to our Web site regularly to see what's new near your home, office or where you travel. To locate participating restaurants, bars and clubs in a specific locale, simply use our online Location Search.

Q. Do participating restaurants offer members a full range of cuisine choices?
A. Yes. The RBC Rewards Dining Program offers dozens of cuisine categories. Cuisine categories are listed alphabetically, and the search results can be sorted to include specific cuisines that interest to you. There's even a separate category for bars and clubs. When searching for locations offering points, just select your cuisine of choice (including bars and clubs) to find a location in the area you want.

Q. What kinds of establishments are included in the bars and clubs category?
A. Establishments in this category include everything from trendy martini and wine bars to music, comedy and late–night dance clubs. We are always adding new bars and clubs to the program, so check back often to see what's new both in your area and in other cities.

Q. How do I earn additional RBC Rewards points† at restaurants, bars and clubs?
A. Follow these steps and you will earn additional points for dining:

• Log in with your RBC Rewards Dining Login ID and Password to access our full list of restaurants, bars and clubs and view when points are available

• Locate a participating restaurant, bar or club via our online Location Search

• Read the information we provide about the location that interests you. This information includes cuisine type, address, phone, menu and description, price range, reviews and when points are available

• Visit the location when points are being offered and pay with your eligible RBC Royal Bank® credit card you've registered with the RBC Rewards Dining Program

It's that simple! When you pay your bill using a credit card you've registered with us, we track your bill and automatically and award you up to 3 additional RBC Rewards points for every dollar you spend when additional points are offered—including on tax and tip included. Please note that some establishments have a limit on the number of additional points you can earn in a given month.

Q. Why do some establishments only offer additional points on certain days?
A. Some participating establishments choose to offer additional RBC Reward points every day they are open, while others choose to offer them only on certain days of the week. What's more, some limit the number of visits for which you can earn additional points in any given month. The Web site lists when points are being offered for each participating restaurant. So, you should log in with your RBC Rewards Dining Login ID and Password to see when additional points are offered for each participating restaurant before you dine.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of additional points I can earn at participating restaurants?
A. There may be a limit on how many points you can earn at a participating restaurant, bar or club each month. Log in to the Web site before you visit a specific establishment to see.

Q. Can I still earn additional points if I'm using a coupon?
A. Additional Points are not available when used with coupons, other dining programs, discount cards or restaurant promotions. Additionally, additional points may not be awarded for planned events, such as large business functions or parties where a special pricing has been negotiated directly with the restaurant, if you do not have prior consent from the restaurant to receive your points. When planning large functions, you may contact Member Services too see if points will be awarded. The phone number for Member Services is (866) 901-3463.

Q. Can I earn additional points when I invite guests?
A. Absolutely! You earn additional points based on the amount of your total bill, including the tax and tip. Just make sure to pay your bill with your registered RBC Royal Bank credit card you've registered with the RBC Rewards Dining Program.

Q. I dined out the other day. How do I know I'll receive my additional points?
A. You can view all your transactions and the number of points earned for each visit by logging in and going to your "Account Center" page. If you do not see the expected points on our Web site and it has been more than 10 days since the date of your visit, contact Member Services at (866) 901-3463. All account inquiries or disputes related to a reward of additional points must be received within 90 days of the qualified dine or the end of the bonus period, as applicable. Please make sure you have the receipt for the visit in question available when you call.

Q. Can I provide feedback about my experiences at participating establishments?
A. Absolutely! In fact, we make it easy to rate all your visits to participating establishments. Simply log in to our Web site and go to the My Rewards page in your Account Center. Then, click on the "Rate" link next to each transaction. Your survey feedback will be incorporated into our member ratings, which are displayed on our Web site. You can only provide feedback after you've dined and earned additional points at that particular participating restaurant, bar or club.